Marjean Pountain has extensive experience in retail, commercial, residential and condominium management.

A Certified Property Manager since 1991, Marjean has over 30 years of real estate, finance and property management experience.


Your Real Estate Consultant, Expert Witness and Mediator

Pountain Partners, LLC, specializes in real estate consulting, expert witness, litigation support and mediation services related to the real estate industry.

Real Estate Consultant

Consulting services include providing real estate property owners, commercial and residential property managers, condominium boards and public facilities managers advice and assistance with functions that include staffing, training, marketing, advertising, strategic long-range planning and implementation.

Pountain Partners has over 30 years experience with an exceptional knowledge of various property types including mixed use facilities, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums, senior housing, large complexes and single family homes.

Expert Witness Services

Pountain Partners provides clients with expert witness services such as market studies, feasibility analysis, deposition, mediation, arbitration, litigation support and trial testimony related to building safety regulations, tenant and landlord rights, security and lighting, security deposits, fair housing, HUD housing, negligence and vendor disputes.

Mediation/Mediator Services

Marjean Pountain has completed the comprehensive course of instruction on mediation skills and procedures authorized and presented under the auspices of the Professional Standards Committee of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS.  She is available to provide mediation services to settle disputes in a private and safe setting allowing the parties to control the outcome and avoid the expense of arbitration or litigation.

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