Marjean Pountain has over 30 years of hands on real estate property management experience and professional  knowledge in all types of properties; residential, commercial, apartment, condominium, senior housing, large complexes and single homes.


Real Estate Consultant

Pountain Partners provides a fresh set of impartial eyes to assess your real estate holdings, staffing, and systems currently in place. We help you determine the areas in which modifications can be made to improve efficiency, add value to your properties and save in operating costs. Our extensive experience in real estate management includes having connections with key resources in all aspects of the business.  The professional property management perspective we bring to the table will benefit and enhance your current business operation, and/or help you start off on the right foot with your investment real estate.

Pountain Partners services (hands-on and consultation) include but are not limited to:

Pountain Partners Clients Include:

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